About us


Life can be quite challenging for any adolescent, particularly those of culturally and diverse backgrounds living in the diaspora. First, there are all the natural hurdles that comes from being an adolescent.

And they must navigate suffocating systems that just weren’t built for them. You want to be the best parent you can be, but let’s face it – you’re doing a lot with very little support. You have the pressures of your job, caring for younger children and balancing your relationship with your spouse.

Raising your adolescent child to become wholesome person, of good character, seems like stressful uphill battle. They may feel frustrated that you won’t understand them. And, their peers just can’t offer them any guidance.

Some of the personal challenges your son or daughter may face include:

  • Lack of self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Identity crisis & loneliness
  • Dealing with complex emotions
  • Difficulties engaging with people or activities
  • Peer pressure & temptation with risk-taking behaviour
  • Interpersonal conflict & unique moral dilemmas
  • Challenges with school rules or the law

At Influential Pillar, your child will develop lifelong skills not taught at school so that you can have that peace of mind. We aim to nurture your children to become the most confident, ambitious and well-rounded version of themselves.

Our services consist of 1 on 1 coaching for both parents and their children. We take our inspiration and values from our rich cultural heritage. And, that is why, we aim to become part of your village.

Our focus is to create a nurturing environment where both you and your child flourish. We unlock the potential of your child by equipping you with the tools to listen, understand and build deeper relationships with them. We work with you to implement new behaviours and work through behaviours of concern.