Meet Ahmed Ismail

Why Ahmed Is the right life coach for you or your family:

Ahmed Ismail is a Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Speaker. He is the Founder of SomaliPN (SPN) which is a global platform for Somali Professionals living in the diaspora, which has over 40 thousand members. He is also a proud father to three young boys and one girl.

Over the last 13 years, Ahmed has been coaching and mentoring university students, business owners, community members and professionals. Drawing from his various life experiences, such mentoring has been both in the personal and professional domains.

Ahmed’s greatest role model and mentor in his life is his father. This relationship has helped him develop his character, resilience and confidence in his life. Inspired by this experience, Ahmed has a unique passion for helping adolescent boys and fathers.

His mantra in life is that resilience and leadership is not just about bouncing back to the same state we were in before – it’s about taking the opportunity to respond to challenges in such a way that we grow, develop and realise our full potential.