Family Structure Coaching (6 Weeks)


Do you wish your family felt more connected? Want to better understand your family’s core strengths or what makes individual family members tick?

Learn practical strategies for improving your family’s communication, cohesion, and well-being. Engage in a discovery process to identify your family’s “values in action,” and while you are at it learn more about your own signature character strengths!

We will discuss how to use your new understanding to foster stronger bonds between family members, and I will walk you through how to apply your family’s strength profile to create more meaningful family routines traditions.

Get practical guidance for:

  • providing the support and structure kids need (while still giving them the autonomy they seek)
  • influencing and motivating kids who are not fulfilling their potential academically.
  • parenting teens and college students who are stressed, struggling, or unhappy.
  • strengthening your family by fostering character, keystone habits, and your family’s core values.

*Pricing on the family structure coaching depends on the number of family members that will receive coaching as well as the number of hours required.

Get in touch with Ahmed and find out if he is the right coach for you and your FAMILY.

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